Tired of spending time and energy looking for a foundation or moisturizer that makes you not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful?

Bored with the same old makeup routine that seems to cover you up rather than let your natural beauty shine through?

IQ Beauty Of Course is an innovative line of lightweight makeup that helps you look as good as you feel.


Featured Products

Sheer Activity Base Travel Size

This extremely lightweight product creates a velvet skin texture while giving a natural sun-kissed glow! One color fits all skin tones. We suggest combining Sheer Activity Base and Glow to archive the optimal radiant effect. Apply as a foundation all over face and neck. SPF 15.

Sheer Activity Glow

This face moisturizer will leave you with an all-day glow worthy of envy. Sheer Activity Glow gives your skin a soft, radiant glow. Your skin will display a youthful freshness from the lightweight moisturizer in a way only an IQ Beauty product can. Sheer Activity Glow can be worn alone for a gentle shine or over Sheer Activity Base for an irresistible effect.

Apply across the face and neck as a moisturizer and let your skin feel refreshed and renewed as you go about your day, receiving compliments on your radiant skin.


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